QUINCY, IL — Imagine the scenario: you're trapped inside a vehicle and you need to get out. Your only option for escape is to smash a window.

When it comes to breaking out of your car there are important things to know, specifically which tool to have on hand. Keychain To Break Car Window

Testing car window breakers; which work best | KHQA

One common tool is known as a hammer tool. This requires more physical force and usually has a pointed end as well as a seatbelt cutter.

There's also the spring-loaded options. This, naturally, has a spring inside of it and is about the size of a sharpie and is used at the corner of windows to break the glass with a small, specific point.

Knowing what type of glass your vehicle has is also critical.

There are 2 types of glass vehicles can have: tempered, which is a glass that will shatter into thousands of tiny pieces when smashed, and laminated.

Laminated is a nearly unbreakable glass meant to lessen the chance of ejection during a crash.

According to AAA, nearly 1 in 3 2018 vehicle models have laminated side windows.

You can check the label on your windows to see if your car has laminated or tempered glass.

AAA recommends knowing which windows in your car are tempered in the event you have to find one to smash in an emergency.

According to AAA, overall, spring-loaded tools proved most effective in smashing windows versus a hammer tool.

Both are widely available at most hardware stores.

Testing car window breakers; which work best | KHQA

Headphone Hanger Hook To check and see if your vehicle has tempered or laminated windows, click here.