Creform Corporation designed a stair-stepped flow rack with Placon conveyor design for an automated storage and retrieval systems manufacturer.

The flow rack features six levels for product presentation in a stair stepped setup and for picking operations.  Each level has six lanes utilizing Creform’s wide Placon conveyor for product flow. Lane dividers are located on each side of the lane to allow the robot to easily identify each part location. Industrial Powder Coating Oven

Flow rack with conveyor and robotic arm -

Each of the rack’s levels can be repositioned and with the stair-stepped design and can be raised or lowered without changing the length of the conveyor.

The three-inch wide Placon rollers provide the support necessary to handle flow rack challenges and are supported by a wide selection of load and stop mounts. They are suitable for low friction for shallow flow angles.

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Flow rack with conveyor and robotic arm -

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