Frozen food production lines more user-friendly

Cryogenic freezing uses liquid nitrogen (-196C ) to freeze food products within a few minutes instead of the hours traditional mechanical freezing systems need. This enables the business to achieve a higher yield and it can help to improve product quality.

Ann Callens, European food sector specialist at Air Products, says: “When food products are frozen more rapidly, it results in the formation of smaller ice crystals, which can help to protect the integrity of the food product. It also helps to retain moisture, which can have a positive effect on texture, colour and flavour.​ Fish Fast Freezers

Frozen food production lines more user-friendly

“In the past cryogenic freezing has only really been viable for major scale food producers with larger production lines, but the simplicity of the new range and its compact size means it is suitable for even the smallest sites.”​

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Frozen food production lines more user-friendly

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