Plastipak introduces spray bottle designed for recyclability. #sustainability

Plastipak has introduced SprayPET Revolution, an all-polymer aerosol container. The design uses no metal valve or rubber gasket, eliminating the need for their removal from the recycling stream at PET reprocessing plants. Plastic Gallon Water Bottle

All-Plastic, Recyclable Aerosol Spray Bottle |               Plastics Technology

The SprayPET container is all polymer with no metal valve or rubber gasket. Photo: Plastipak

The design has been assessed and approved by both the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and the Association of Plastics Recycling (APR).

The valve itself is constructed of new polymers with a density less than that of water. After shredding, these polymers are easily separated from PET, which sinks. The PET can then be recycled into new bottles or other packaging materials, while the polymers from the valve can be used to create products like outdoor furniture, decking, and pipes.

Produced under license from Procter & Gamble, SprayPET Revolution uses spin welding technology to attach the valve to the container. It is available as a dip-tube or bag-on-valve application. Recycled PET can be incorporated into the container body.

According to a life cycle analysis, the SprayPET container supports reduction in Scope 3 emissions compared with aluminum aerosol containers.

Plastipak is offering customizations such as container shape, decorative sleeves, and direct object printing.

Lighter impacts from PET than glass or aluminum across impact categories and disposable container sizes.

good natured’s plant-based PET used by Spring Creek in its commitment to 100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials.  

PET bottle collection rates rebounded in 2021 after declining in the preceding years.

All-Plastic, Recyclable Aerosol Spray Bottle |               Plastics Technology

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