Wahl Clipper lays off 40 workers in Sterling

STERLING, Ill. (KWQC) - Wahl Clipper laid off an additional 40 workers in Sterling last week.

Wahl employs almost 1,200 locally. The layoffs affected only workers who’d been with the company for fewer than nine months. Cord Hair Clipper

Wahl Clipper lays off 40 workers in Sterling

“The global economy just hasn’t rebounded,” said Marc Geil, a Wahl spokesperson.

In the fall, the company announced its first round of layoffs in at least 50 years. Wahl, a manufacturer of barbering equipment, is Sterling’s second-largest employer.

In a letter sent to city leaders last week, Geil said:

“We want to reassure everyone, Wahl Clipper Corporation is NOT going out of business, we are still the preferred brand for Professionals and of our retail partners. However, economic recovery is not happening as quickly as any of us would like and this adversely affects our entire business. The actions we take this week will ensure we stay in business for the next generation to design and produce the highest quality barbering and grooming products.”

Wahl Clipper lays off 40 workers in Sterling

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